LPA Retail


Point of Sale Hardware, Computers, and Servers

LPA Retail provides its customers with NCR and Dell Point of Sale stations; along with back office computers, servers, and reliable point of sale peripheral hardware.

 NCR Hardware:


The NCR XR5 workstations continue NCR's tradition of "Non-Stop Sales Reliability" and low total cost of ownership. Typically, NCR hardware has twice the useful life of a PC because the units are:

• Completely sealed preventing contaminants like dust and dirt from entering the unit and causing degradation
• Liquid cooled allowing the unit to operate without the fan that blows dust and dirt across the motherboard
• Low maintenance byproviding concealed cable routing and cable restraint for higher system reliability and ease of installation 

We offer two lines of NCR hardware depending on your needs.


For more technical specifications, take a look at the NCR PDF. Here!





The CPMobile application uses a specialized hardware sled that allows mobile users to convert their iPod and iPhone handset into a powerful point-of-sale solution.  This sled allows for the processing of information captured by the barcode scanner and magnetic strip reading feature.  The LineaPro5 includes a 2D barcode scanner, 3-track magnetic stripe reader, and a rechargeable battery extender in a very compact protective case.

NCR also offers the IDTech iMag Pro magnetic stripe reader for use with the iPad and multi generational iPhone or iPod devices.






More Information: XR7 series.pdf