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Garden Center

A full-service custom solution for the Green Industry, from Inventory Control to Loyalty Programs...know more

We Make Retail Fun Videos

Check out our fun 2014 video "LPA Retail: Superheroes for Independent Retailers", and highlights from our 2014 User Fair...Check them out!


Do you have an event or busy season coming up? LPA has you covered, with POS terminals, mobile POS, and inventory scanners...know more  

Liquor Processing

Greenhouse Nursery

Specialty Retail


Efficiently and profitably run your business with a company that knows the unique requirements of gift & specialty retailers...know more


LPA Retail and CounterPoint software offer a complete retail management allowing you to efficiently and profitably run your business...know more


Fast point of sale and inventory control are just two of the areas crucial to success in the liquor industry...know more


Meat Industry


Sporting Goods


From point of sale, Inventory control, and e-commerce, to team selling, LPA has the Sporting Goods industry covered...know more

Company Store

LPA has a solution to efficiently and profitably run your company store.

Specialty Foods

A complete software and hardware solution for the specialty food industry including: Point of Sale, Meat Processing, Wholesaling, and process reports...know more




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