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Liquor Industry Point of Sale Systems

Fast Point-of-Sale and inventory control are just two of the areas crucial for success in the liquor industry. Let LPA Retail Systems and CounterPoint software help you achieve tighter inventory control and improved customer satisfaction. With years of experience in the liquor industry, our experts will streamline your business.


Fast and Easy Liquor Point of Sale

Control Inventory Levels

Tools to Control Shrinkage

Barcode Labeling

Customer Marketing

Wine Clubs

E-Commerce Made Easy

24/7 Support

Automated Purchasing

“Counterpoint SQL is very simple and easy to use. New employees catch on immediately, by their second day they are on their own."

"The information it provides is great. Purchasing advice has made buying much easier."

Ron Freeman

Owner & Manager

Fountain Warehouse Liquor

Albert Lea, MN


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