What Inventory Scanners can do for you:



  • Count inventory in half the time

  • Enter count data immediately and automatically


  • Automation provides a far more accurate count

  • Pin-point problems quickly

  • Barcode verification

Convenience & Value

  • LPA provides the product, documentation and expertise.

  • We will provide training (on-site or remotely) on physical count best practices.

  • Reliable scanner options from AML & ScanPal.

  • Single or two-prompt options.

  • LPA will be available for phone support before, during, and after your count.

Rent Inventory Scanners!

  • Contact us today if you are interested in renting


We count inventory in less than half the time, it is a lot more accurate. Handhelds allow us to easily keep track of the areas that have not been counted.
— Aaron Beacon Bookstore Bloomington, MN

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