Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows 7 effective on January 14th 2020.

  1. Microsoft discontinued Mainstream support January 13th 2015 and will discontinue Extended support by January 14th 2020 on Windows 7.

What does this mean to me?

Microsoft discontinued all non-security-based updates on January 13th 2015 for Windows 7 and will discontinue security-based updates this coming January 14th 2020. As the discontinuance of support for Windows XP left it vulnerable, so too will this discontinuance leave Windows 7 machines vulnerable. This does not necessarily mean your Windows 7 based hardware will cease to function January 14th or your Counterpoint will immediately cease its functionality on Windows 7 based hardware. With the discontinuance of security and vulnerability updates from Microsoft a merchant is left exposed to potential hackers or other undesirable situations that could potentially put your business at risk. In addition, there may be some PCI compliance ramifications as well. You may also want to check with your business insurance agent to see how, or if, this will affect your insurance.

What needs to be done?

Formulating a plan to upgrade hardware with Windows versions affected by end of Microsoft support is recommended by LPA Retail Systems. A review of your current hardware and its Windows operating systems, an assessment of business risk along with the formulation of a plan to address these concerns is also recommended.

How can LPA help?

LPA Retail Systems will work with you and your staff to help determine which systems are affected and develop a plan on how to address the systems going out of support by Microsoft. LPA will also work to help determine how these changes affect other equipment you may have like scales, receipt printers, office printers and other infrastructure possibly affected.

In this process, are there other things I should be considering?

In addressing these concerns, it is perhaps a good time to take a look at all your goals for 2019 and beyond and see how that fits with this review. Some other things to consider would be hosting Counterpoint on the LPA Cloud, ecommerce options, contingency for ringing sales and processing credit cards during an internet outage, perhaps review the version of Counterpoint you are running and possible benefits of upgrading (the upgrade is a no cost upgrade for those on the Counterpoint Fixed Fee service plan). There are other things we can review as well, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

What do I need to do?

We have established a team within LPA to manage assist with these concerns. Jay Erickson is your sales professional and point person. Jay’s contact information is: (952) 215-3853

Is my business affected by this announcement?

Yes, if your business is running hardware that utilizes a Windows 7 or older operating system.

What is next?

If you feel your business will be affected please proactively reach out to Jay directly (952.215.3853). We believe there will be a fair number of clients who want to get ahead of this and make a move on their time schedule vs Microsoft’s, so please reach out as soon as you can.

Does this affect any of my other POS equipment?

Depending on the age of your equipment, yes. If you are running NCR Windows 7 based 1530 registers or other Windows 7 operating system machines that Microsoft will be sun setting support for, you will want to look at replacing that with current generation equipment. NCR All-in-one equipment running Windows 7 Pro is not compatible with Windows 10 Pro nor supported. There are no Windows 10 drivers for the NCR 1530 (or older registers) running Windows 7 or older operating systems.

What are the costs and logistics?

Each customer environment is different. Your sales rep will be able provide you guidance and quotes for any equipment or changes to Counterpoint you wish to make.

Again. if a Counterpoint upgrade is desired, and you are not covered by the Counterpoint Fixed Fee Agreement, we will provide you a separate quote for the Counterpoint upgrade or you can choose to activate a CounterPoint Fixed Fee Agreement and cover the CounterPoint upgrade under your new agreement.

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