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There’s a good chance POS customizations could free it up.

  • It’s not easy keeping track of info you rely on every day if it’s in a lot of different places. What if it was all in one report?
  • Which one of your customers was asking about something that was out of stock the other day, but is in stock now? You could find out with a tap or 2 on your screen.
  • You have a long line of customers…lucky you! However the person in front wants you to check 30 other stores for a red leather flat in a 7-1/2. You could be 10 seconds away from the answer.
  • And they want it sent to their house—another 10 seconds.
  • The store has been closed for hours, but you’re still there trying to price the same inventory for retail and wholesale. If that was automated, you would be at home with your family or making merry with your friends.

Most new POS systems can handle some of this, but they aren’t equipped to handle your exact needs for your exact business. That’s where POS system customization is a big timesaver.

LPA Retail Systems has one of the most talented and experienced custom POS development teams in the industry.  With a total of more than 35 years of customization experience, our developers take care of requests in-house without having to subcontract, like most of our competitors.

We have the ability to create, even highly complex, customizations for the POS systems we sell. This gives our clients a big advantage—one point of contact, one point of accountability and the assurance of knowing:


In addition to streamlining functionality, integrating third-party software, setting up databases, and creating personalized reports, customizations include:

  • Receipts
  • Customer cards/IDs
  • Customer data analysis and insights
  • Data mining
  • Predictive analysis
  • Scheduling  and management
  • Quality control
  • KPI tracking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Decision support
  • Inventory control and insight
  • And much more

Software from the Ground Up

LPA Retail System’s developers are also adept at writing completely new software, using the POS system as the foundation. Examples are Easy Buy, software we developed to alleviate one of the biggest challenges most retailers face—buying and tracking inventory; and Meat Mod, developed specifically for butcher shops, meat markets and fish markets.

About Easy Buy

LPA Retail System’s proprietary Easy Buy software (available to all LPA clients) significantly reduces the time and complexity of buying from vendors. Clients say it saves each of their buyers 2-3 hours per week.  One LPA Retail client said he “couldn’t run his business without it”.

The Easy Buy enhancement provides each buyer with their own Easy Buy spreadsheet view.  The buyer loads their view with the items they want to purchase.  Filtering to one vendor and one location is the default; however the buyer has the option of loading multiple vendors and multiple locations. 

The power of Easy Buy is its ability to present, on one screen, specific sales and inventory data that you determine is important to your buy decision. For example, when buying beer, only data that is relevant to a beer purchase is displayed. It defaults to cases and tracks and calculates the true cost on vendor specials. A period of supply recommendation is calculated and the whole process culminates in a purchase order. Like all of LPA Retail System’s POS customizations, Easy Buy is a big time and money saver.

About Meat Mod

LPA Retail Systems has been supplying time-saving, money-saving POS solutions to butcher shops, meat markets and fish markets for more than two decades.  Our talented software developers created groundbreaking Meat Mod specifically for this sector. Benefits include:

  • Provides a seamless integration with scales for receiving, weighing, and selling.
  • Creates bar codes and labels 
  • Tracks products
  • Seamlessly converts any item from one unit of measure to another
  • Advanced analytics enable targeted marketing to customers

Whether it’s for small independent butcher shops, larger meat markets or fish markets, Meat Mod provides your business with fast, seamless business management and an outstanding experience for your customers.

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