Best Lawn and Garden POS Announced by LPA Retail Systems

LPA Retail Systems, a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology solutions, offers a robust, leading-edge POS solution perfect for lawn and garden centers. NCR Counterpoint, backed by           LPA Retail’s deep bench of experienced POS software developers is the most powerful, effective and reliable POS on the market today for lawn and garden centers.
Features and benefits include:
• Track Alternate Units: Nursery management functionality tracks units by the size, color, and packaging for inventory, ordering and reporting. Unlimited barcodes allow users to track items sourced from multiple suppliers.
• Accounts Receivable Functionality: Provide landscapers and contractors with quotes for specific jobs, track products by client and make payments after the job is complete.
• Customized Forms: Print and customize forms to include specific information, such as growing or planting instructions on labels and invoices.
• Inventory Management: Track inventory across all locations and have more granular data on which to base buying and promotional pricing decisions. Users can see when one location is running low on particular items and if another location has those items in stock. No more counting items by hand.
• Online/Offline Functionality: In the event that online connectivity is lost, sales can be recorded offline and seamlessly replicated when connectivity is restored—this means no lost sales.
• Mobility: With NCR Counterpoint, employees won’t have to stand outside and handwrite tickets for items that are too bulky to take inside to the register.
• Build Customer Relationships: Use NCR’s Customer Connect retail application to segment and personalize marketing and customer service emails.
• Retail Hardened Hardware: System hardware is designed to withstand outdoor elements such as direct sunlight, soil and water.
• LPA Retail System’s Customer Service Guarantee: All Counterpoint POS systems are backed by LPA Retail’s outstanding customer service guarantee.

LPA Retail Systems President Tim Lano said, “It’s been very exciting to see the difference that Counterpoint is making in the profitability of our lawn and garden clients—especially during the busy season. Lots of cars in the parking lot without the long register lines that tend to turn people away. Counterpoint streamlines the entire process and even encourages customers to buy more. It leads to an overall excellent customer experience that encourages repeat business all season long.”
Headquartered in Greater Minneapolis, LPA Retail Systems Inc. is a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology that includes POS software, hardware and related services. The company is also a leading POS customization expert. They are a complete solution provider for multiple sectors including gift shops, corporate stores, liquor, lawn and garden, specialty foods, apparel, and sporting goods. LPA Retail enables clients to leverage the Web and POS —reducing labor costs, better managing inventory and increasing sales. The company’s ability to customize POS software and link to ecommerce insures a solution that is tailored to each client’s business. A premier NCR partner since 1993, LPA Retail Systems works with multiple POS hardware and software providers. Long-term clients include a full portfolio of independent retailers and Fortune 500 companies. Email or call 952-814-4800/877-846-5266 toll-free. For media inquiries, contact Jeanna Van Rensselar at Smart PR Communications; 630-363-8081.


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