Simple POS Reporting using iPad Technology Offered by LPA Retail Systems


POS technology that offers simplicity in every step: migration, integration, deployment, training and reporting.

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 21, 2019 — LPA Retail Systems, a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology solutions, is offering the iPad-based Revel POS system with reporting features that are both simple and comprehensive.
LPA Retail Systems President Tim Lano said, “Many of us would like to think that the more data we have, the more likely we are make smarter business decisions, but there’s no value in data hoarding. One of the most valuable aspects of today’s best POS systems, including Revel, is that they analyze the data, present it in an easy-to-digest format, and spell out the next steps It’s simple POS reporting at its finest. As Einstein said, ‘As simple as possible, but no simpler’—that’s what you get with all of the POS systems we offer.”
Revel’s reporting and analytics suite delivers a complete view of retail stores, restaurants and establishments that are a combination of both. Businesses can access real-time insights from anywhere to keep up with inventory, track customer insights and analyze sales data. Categories include:
Sales Reporting: Clients can manage overhead with cost of goods sold and labor reports to forecast and prepare for future operations. They can leverage product mix reports and hourly sales reports to identify best-selling products.
• Inventory Reporting: Clients get a real-time view of available inventory, and can proactively restock inventory to maintain ideal levels.
o Restaurants: Identify the most profitable menu items, learn where waste can be reduced, and evaluate costs vs. profits on all items.
o Retailers: Ensure products are always stocked and utilize matrix inventory to make sure the right sizes/varieties are available to customers.
• Labor Reporting: Clients can track employee productivity and measure employee costs against sales revenue. They can also optimize labor scheduling to better align with business trends and reduce overspend.
• Real-Time Mobile Reporting: With Insights by Revel, clients can easily access business-critical data directly from their smartphones. They stay in the loop with AlertsSet the delivers notifications for employee clock-ins or unapproved overtime. They can also make scheduling changes directly from the app.
Data for these reports is generally, though not exclusively, collected at the POS terminal. The system then seamlessly generates a suite of detailed and easy-to-understand reports in a variety of formats to track revenue, analyze sales, evaluate employee performance, make informed inventory purchases—everything clients need to monitor the overall health of the their businesses.
Headquartered in Greater Minneapolis, LPA Retail Systems Inc. is a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology that includes POS software, hardware and related services. The company is also a leading POS customization expert. They are a complete solution provider for multiple sectors including gift shops, corporate stores, liquor, lawn and garden, specialty foods, apparel, and sporting goods. LPA Retail enables clients to leverage the Web and POS —reducing labor costs, better managing inventory and increasing sales. The company’s ability to customize POS software and link to ecommerce insures a solution that is tailored to each client’s business. A premier NCR partner since 1993, LPA Retail Systems works with multiple POS hardware and software providers. Long-term clients include a full portfolio of independent retailers and Fortune 500 companies. Email or call 952-814-4800/877-846-5266 toll-free.


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