Single POS Solution for Restaurants and Retail Offered by LPA Retail Systems


MINNEAPOLIS Sept. 30, 2019  LPA Retail Systems, a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology solutions, is now offering the Revel POS solution—perfect for food service, retail and especially businesses that include both food service and retail. Examples include:


  • Restaurants with gift shops
  • Cafes with wine and/or cheese shops
  • Bars that sell merchandise
  • Kitchen stores with an eat-in area.


Revel excels at working with businesses like these—with multiple systems—both restaurant and retail. With Revel everything is under one umbrella. So businesses with a variety of needs can use the same system—reports are all in one place.
LPA Retail System’s experienced support team, backed by the company’s service guarantee “A friendly service professional in less than 10 minutes”, is qualified to work hand-in-glove with Revel for service and support. Clients can also take advantage of LPA Retail’s managed services to manage their equipment remotely.
Following are what a few clients had to say about Revel:
“I like the versatility of Revel for shops and restaurants. The management console is easy to use. The layout is clear and direct, making it easy to find where I need to go. I can schedule and track hours for each employee. I can also track my sales and work labor in one platform which allows me to clearly manage my business.”
“It is easy to add new products, look at inventory, and edit existing inventory. It is also visually appealing and clear. I also like that it provides the option to create and hold orders and invoices and to search by customer name, including all orders that are linked to that customer. ”
“The ease of use and simplicity of the system is great for our small store. The customer service is also top notch. ”
“Revel is simple and intuitive which means training staff is fast and straightforward”

LPA Retail Systems President Tim Lano said, “Revel and LPA Retail together create happy clients. Revel is a fantastic POS system—especially for anyone operating a multi-faceted business that includes both food service and retail. We have a new client that is operating a caf/gift shop—Revel will completely transform their business in terms of efficiencies and simple comprehensive management.”
Revel is offered on an affordable SaaS monthly subscription basis, pairing an intuitive POS with powerful management tools, integrating inventory management, employee management, sales reporting, and more into a single platform. Revel is built for markets that include quick serve, restaurant/bar, retail and more.
Contact LPA Retail Systems for a free consultation or demo of the Revel POS solution.
Headquartered in Greater Minneapolis, LPA Retail Systems Inc. is a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology that includes POS software, hardware and related services. The company is also a leading POS customization expert. They are a complete solution provider for multiple sectors including gift shops, corporate stores, liquor, lawn and garden, specialty foods, apparel, and sporting goods. LPA Retail enables clients to leverage the Web and POS —reducing labor costs, better managing inventory and increasing sales. The company’s ability to customize POS software and link to ecommerce insures a solution that is tailored to each client’s business. A premier NCR partner since 1993, LPA Retail Systems works with multiple POS hardware and software providers. Long-term clients include a full portfolio of independent retailers and Fortune 500 companies. Email or call 952-814-4800/877-846-5266 toll-free. For media inquiries, contact Jeanna Van Rensselar at Smart PR Communications; 630-363-8081.

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