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Additional Technology to Help Improve Your Bottom Line

Counterpoint Kiosk

Check out the newly released NCR Counterpoint Self-Serve Kiosk!  The easy-to-use Kiosk reduces labor costs and drives more revenue giving customers the ability to check out faster! There are many ways to mount the self-serve kiosk wall mounted, floor pedestal, and counter mounted.

Mobile Counterpoint Solutions

Mobile solutions allow businesses to sell at different locations or events, offer a line buster to break up those long lines, and the ability to use different functions on the fly! Whether it be transferring products from the warehouse to the retail space during a game, checking customers out with large products, or doing live inventory counts, our mobile solutions can handle it all!

Digital Shelf Talkers

Save time and money on updating shelf tags while costs and prices fluctuate so frequently with digital shelf tags! Digital shelf tags change within seconds when one updates prices in Counterpoint. No more buying consumables and having to check the tags often, it’s all handled electronically! Capture customers’ attention by having a “sale” or other graphics displayed on the digital shelf tags!

LPA Counterpoint Dashboard

LPA has recently developed a new way to view important metrics through our LPA Counterpoint Cloud Dashboard. While the robust reports are still within Counterpoint, LPA has created a more graphic way to view important information. What metrics are important to you and your business? LPA can customize a dashboard just for you!

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