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Additional Technology to Help Improve Your Bottom Line

Counterpoint Kiosk

Check out the newly released NCR Counterpoint Self-Serve Kiosk!  The easy-to-use Kiosk reduces labor costs and drives more revenue giving customers the ability to check out faster! There are many ways to mount the self-serve kiosk wall mounted, floor pedestal, and counter mounted.

Mobile Counterpoint Solutions

Mobile solutions allow businesses to sell at different locations or events, offer a line buster to break up those long lines, and the ability to use different functions on the fly! Whether it be transferring products from the warehouse to the retail space during a game, checking customers out with large products, or doing live inventory counts, our mobile solutions can handle it all!

Digital Shelf Talkers

Save time and money on updating shelf tags while costs and prices fluctuate so frequently with digital shelf tags! Digital shelf tags change within seconds when one updates prices in Counterpoint. No more buying consumables and having to check the tags often, it’s all handled electronically! Capture customers’ attention by having a “sale” or other graphics displayed on the digital shelf tags!

LPA Counterpoint Dashboard

LPA has recently developed a new way to view important metrics through our LPA Counterpoint Cloud Dashboard. While the robust reports are still within Counterpoint, LPA has created a more graphic way to view important information. What metrics are important to you and your business? LPA can customize a dashboard just for you!

Custom Counterpoint Enhancements

    • Cash Counting – Helps ensure employees are accurately counting drawers.
    • Driver’s License Scanning – Validates age on driver’s licenses. Can be configured to save certain details on the actual ticket.
    • Gratis Mod – Tracks employee benefits and enforces buying limits on employees.
    • Meat Mod – Generates simple custom cuts for butchering wild and domestic game
    • Weigh ‘n’ Label – An add-on to the Meat Mod. It will weigh items, adjust it into stock, and print labels with price and barcode.
    • Text Order Notifications – Sends a text message to the customer when an order is ready for pick up.
    • Flat Pricing Mod – Ability to scan all items at checkout and identify items that are qualified as a “flat” price, then correctly set the correct sale (flat) price.
    • Cross Store Sales – Ability to sell at one store while the physical item is from another store. Pick tickets are automatically printed at the remote store.
    • Easy Buy Enhancement – A streamlined way of purchasing items for your store. All the information a buyer needs to know, is on one screen (presented as a spreadsheet table), ready for them to review.
    • Pack Verification – Verifies if a POS order was picked correctly by scanning the bar code.
    • BOGO Upgrade – Enhancement to Counterpoint’s BOGO feature, we can deal with the different price points and give the cheapest ones free.
    • Coupons – A fully tracked couponing system with POS messaging. Coupons are barcoded and tracked, so they can only be used once.
    • Rentals – A rental tracking system. Tracks when an item was rented, and returned, automatically calculate rental fees, and tracks when fees are paid.
    • Auto-Email Reports – Counterpoint is enhanced to automatically generate and deliver email reports on a schedule.
    • Grid Converter – Converts non-gridded items to gridded items and can help import data from different systems into Counterpoint.
    • Parent/Child Receivables – Sets up one bill payer with multiple buyers.
    • Auto Transfer In Enhancement – Automatically transfer IN once transferred OUT by another store.
    • Shipping Taxation Enhancement – This is a less expensive alternative to Alavara.
    • Shipping System Integration – Counterpoint will live link shipping addresses and tracking numbers to and from most shipping systems.
    • Loyalty Points to Gift Cards – Allows you to grant gift cards in mass-based on loyalty points earned.
    • Fill Backorders Enhancement – Automatically fills back ordered items first and the remaining items will go out on the sales floor.

What enhancement would help you and your business? We want to hear about it!

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