Fast and Easy Point-of-Sale

  • Our Systems help you maximize your retail potential

Optimize Inventory Levels

  • Easily track and manage inventory with a breeze using CounterPoint POS Systems

  • Synchronize inventory scanners for physical inventory management

Gift Cards

  • Sell gift cards.

Custom Programming and Training

  • Equip you entire team with the knowledge needed to work efficiently.

24/7 Support

  • Our happy staff are always ready to help when it's needed.

Team Selling

  • your entire team's sales under one system.

Customer Marketing and Loyalty Programs

  • reward your loyal customers 

Identify Aged and Slow Moving Inventory

  • Identify what is selling & what isn't.

Mobile Point-of-Sale (CPMobile)

  • For on the go sales & support.

Hot and Cold Reporting

  • Completely understand your store traffic

  • Graphic Reporting of Business Trends.

E-Commerce Made Easy

  • Synchronize your brick & mortar systems to your e-commerce.

Real Time Margin Analysis

  • evaluate margins as you go.


Upgrading our POS system to the LPA system we currently have has given us a lot more flexibility and options. We can do things on our current system that we could not do previously. For example, we can pack non-seasonal items for storage and load them in a file which saves us the chore of counting them at inventory time. Also, we have streamlined our closing procedures by about 80%. Any time we have had questions the LPA staff have been there to help.
— Dave Tessmer; The Sportsman’s Guide


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